About Us

Our Identity

We are thekingshirts.com—King of T-Shirts. We are the retailers of POD T-Shirts products. We turn plain T-Shirts into more unique, funny, and individual T-Shirts into creative tees with exclusive designs printed on them.

Our Origin

Starting as indie designers, we are a group of young people filled with enthusiasm and innovative energy who want to express our personalities and show off our skill level through techniques in designing POD T-shirts. Why did we choose T-shirts as the place to express our design personality, you may ask? Because T-shirts are widely used as common attire and easy to spread to everyone of all ages. The reasons above are exactly why the Thekingshirts brand was born. Welcome to our home—The Place of The “King of T-shirts.”

Our Mission

“thekingshirtsKing of Shirts.” This slogan says it all, we want to be one of the pioneers in the popular POD T-Shirts field. In the future, we will offer more printing and selling services, including creating personal T-Shirts for customers who have their own brilliant design ideas to make and share! We aim to reach one million+ orders within five years of operation and beyond, with the utmost desire to serve customers worldwide.  We are always committed to delivering customers the best products and most dedicated services with a clear and transparent customer policy. We want to bring laughter, joy, and positive messages through tangible items instead of plain verbal words through our unique designs and service experience. After that, we will extend it to even more people coming later on!

Our Way of Operation

We do not own the entire manufacturing process nor handle all manufacturing processes physically. Instead, we offer item designs, layouts, and professional customer service. On the other hand, we won’t take production lightly, as we cooperate with reputable manufacturing partners around the globe to produce products with the best materials and printing quality. We also work with experienced logistics providers all across the globe to ensure that the final products get to our customers as quickly as possible. You can find out more about our business partners below.

Our Team

Our team is divided into the following sections: Designing Team: Filled with young people who love technology, are passionate and creative, and always give their best to create different product designs with a lot of unique and different ideas and patterns. Production Team: Consisting of people who have deep knowledge of the market. They always look out for new trends and research customer insights to advise the design department and make sure all products are up-to-date and appealing. Marketing Team: Having individuals who plan effective strategies to bring the company’s products closer to potential customers around the world through inviting promotions. Customer Service Team: Behind the scene is a professional, enthusiastic CS staff who constantly takes care of customers’ complaints and questions and also supports customers with the best quality of transaction service.

Our Creations

Our main product is T-Shirts, which are made based on finished and available designs from our design team. After each thoughtful plan and stage, we ultimately produce Hoodies, Sweatshirts, Long Sleeve T-Shirts, and Tank tops and turn them into huge collections to broaden the buying options. Therefore, a customer like you can easily pick one of those options above based on personal preferences if you want to place an order.
Contact us: Address: 1942 Broadway St Ste 314C, Boulder, CO 80302, USA Email: [email protected]